My husband’s three wives

Wait, what???

Three wives?? What the hell is she talking about it?? Relax guys, let me explain😁

Yes my husband has three wives and yes I am one of them, I think☺

Okay, my husband’s relationship with his third wife started a decade ago, precisely when he was in 100level back in the university. If you schooled in Nigeria,you should remember how difficult it was to get accommodation on campus from your second year till your penultimate year. Accommodation was only guaranteed for freshmen and finalist…on a first come-first-serve basis. A few other people like hall executives, school athletes,medical and postgraduate students also had higher hopes of staying on campus than ordinary students that didn’t fall on any of these categories.
While still worried about getting accommodation on campus for his second year, he spoke to a friend who advised him to take to sports. It seemed a brilliant idea: a good way to secure automatic bedspace…but there was a problem: he didn’t do any sport.

How was he going to start learning a sport now and be good enough to be considered for the school team? But he started anyway, he picked swimming🏊 and that was how their courtship started, they got married secretly a while after he made the team.✌

Curiosity they say kill the cat, well this particular one didn’t kill nobody, it only led my husband’s second wife to him. Walking along the sport complex that faithful evening, he noticed a group of people gathered at the center of a big pitch. One would lob a small red ball, another with a long, wide stick would hit it and there would be running in different directions. He went close and asked what type of game it was,and he was told…Cricket, oh.. so this is the game?? How is it scored?? He asked, surprisingly the guy took him aside and gave him a good tutorial. His interest for the game grew immediately and not long they started their courtship, soon after they got married in secret wedding.⚾

His relationship with Cricket has been loaded with events,adventures and memories. His dad for instance could still tolerate him swimming for the school but play cricket?? He would hear none of it. Most times, he had to sneak out of the house to train whenever he was home for the holidays. Their relationship remained a secret until one day, he came home from school with a letter addressed to him from the Nigeria Cricket Federation, inviting him for national trials into the national squad.

From then on, his dad became his coach, trainer and manager. Will you not train today? You’re done with training so soon?? Even if you won’t train today, train in your mind… shadow bat, shadow bowl. And that was how shadow playing became a part of him. Anytime he had a game coming up, he would condition his mind by putting himself in an imaginary match situations and would physically be reacting to whatever his head simulates.

Finally, his first wife 💑…I’ve come to know about these other wives and I’ve also accepted them with open arms, so open that I have learnt a lot about his second wife. I am the scorer or scorest for his cricket team (IMCC) Super proud. Yay!!! 😁😜😝


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