Fashion and beauty tips

The look.

Have you ever felt someone’s eyes all over you??

Oh no, not the look your mama gave you when you did something wrong or the one she gives when she caught you in lie. I mean the one that says everything,  Like you’re one hot chocolate they just want in their mouth,I mean the look that makes you feel super sexy,that look that makes  you flirty, that look that says I am in love with you😍, I want you badly💝or she’s all mine💕

Yes, that look.

The same look gives you that electric wave kind of feeling, and I’m sure the butterflies too. Some people would say they’ve never felt that look, I say it’s very possible but once you meet that very special someone, who gives you that look;I bet you’d feel a million butterflies.

The truth is, you may not get that look from the beginning but as time goes on and as deep and intimate you both get, that comfort sets in, the only way he can scream ” I am in love with her or she’s all mine or I want her badly” would be through that look.. And everyone will notice. You would love it too.😍

Knowing you’re loved and wanted in that manner gives you that confidence, you just can’t explain it. You feel on top of the world, you know he’s going to love you in every and anything you wear, and you know for sure there’s a compliment on the way, you know you’re going to get text messages from him,like 3 or 4 times(who doesn’t like those sweet messages anyway)  you know when you’re in gathering together and he’s talking with his friends at the other end of the hall, you turn and he gives you that look and a wink and then you blush💞💘,your friends notice that and they go awwwwwwww😄.. they immediately know that he’s into you, that type of look is the one you remember when you’re alone in your room or even on a girls night out and you just smile☺.

Who doesn’t want that? Every girl wants that!! That sweet butterfly feeling you get when you think of him.😍😍😍


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