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King👑 timi


And he will be called Oluwatimilehin Babatunde Oyesiku…

My baby brother!

I remember it all too well, the very day you came into our lives. You were such a cute little baby. Mummy was so happy, and your dad was over the moon. He was so proud!!!

Being the eldest, I get to watch you when mummy needs a break or when grandma isn’t home. I remember how proudly I talk to all my friends about you and that I get to watch grandma bath you and smell that very sweet baby oil and powder all over you. I was such a proud sister.

Then came that day, when I decided to put you on my back. You were just 4 or 5 months old (what was I thinking??) And then all of a sudden you fell :twisted:😱 ( Shebi I for no back you? I for just leave you jeje) ahhh….I remember the beating mumc gave me. She used what the yorubas call, omorogun and some other people just call it turning garri.😭😭😭

She beat me so hard I couldn’t hear myself cry. Grandma tried to stop her, everyone tried to free me from her but oh boy, that woman strong. She held me down so tight. Due to the fall, you broke your leg ( not serious ) and we had to take you to one local nurse who specializes in arranging broken legs or bones.
Mummy made me follow her and grandma everyday to watch the woman fix your leg. You cried so hard and i cried too. It was painful I could tell.

It took months but finally you made full recovery. Ever since then,I never attempted such. Ever again!

I also remember when you were in primary school, and you came home complaining that your class mates always push you from the back whenever you say your name ( timi or timilehin ) you never liked it, and you immediately decided to answer to tunde. We didn’t have a problem with it, we are thought both names are good, which ever one you pick.

Now all grown and almost a graduate, you remember the name you once said you didn’t like and decided we call you king timi.

I suggest you pick one and stick to it baby bro.😝


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