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E no easy.

My people,motherhood no easy o. Abeg no be small matter. It’s funny how desperate you want to get pregnant and feel all those things your pregnant friends told you about their experiences and then of course the beautiful dresses you get to wear ( short or long ). Not forgetting you get to eat whatever you desire 😄😝

Then you get pregnant, you find out that it’s a different ball game entirely from the gist your friends told you, its totally different. Every pregnancy is different from woman to woman even From the first one to another ( first and second baby ).

Now the baby is here! Happy, excited, over the moon,suddenly a new mum. The work never start 😰. Then the sleepless nights start, non-stop breastfeeding, and the way your body respond is magical..No!!😣
You’re tired all the time, and you keep eating and eating ( I may be wrong ) you sleep only when they sleep.

As a new mum,you’re automatically a musician,a photographer, a dancer, a poet, a composer..just to mention a few.

Then they start crawling….boy oh boy😰:'( you won’t sleep or even mistakenly take your eyes away. They crawl to where everything is neatly arranged and use that tiny hands to scatter what your big hands arranged😫..

Now the work begins…

You realize you keep arranging the same spot over and over and over again and you keep chasing after them, God help you if you don’t.

Like I said,it’s not easy..but it’s a thing of JOY!!!:D💃

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