Choosing the perfect dress for your wedding.

Another Saturday is here again!
It’s someone’s wedding today and it’s going to be another next Saturday and the next and the next. Like Ayo my bestie would say, ‘Saturday no dey finish’ true talk.

Saturdays are for owanbes, it is also a day of the week where you get to see different colors and styles of aso ebi flying. We’re not talking about asoebi for now. Let’s look into the wedding dress itself. The only important dress for the day, the dress in which people came from far and wide to see…and of course to chop jollof rice.

A lot of ladies have problem choosing the right wedding dress, not because they don’t know what they want but they don’t know what will suit their body type. It is advisable to look at several wedding gown magazines or browse the internet to help you choose that perfect dress.

Some brides can’t decide if they want a body fitting dress or a ball gown, some don’t even know difference.

We are going to look at several wedding gowns and the one that will suit each body type.

For  those ladies on the slim side, I recommend this half-sleeve-slit neckline. It is simple and body fitting, I’m sure you want to show off your flat tummy. This will help achieve that.


This is another beautiful option for all lepa brides out there.


There are several more options for slim brides but I hope these two will help give you an idea of what you want.

Now to my plus size brides…you want to show off your curves? These are a few options to look into


Choose the perfect A-line drsss with a sweetheart neckline.


A little ruffle won’t hurt.



It’s not everyday you get to wear a wedding gown, why not take your time to pick the perfect breathtaking dress for your big day.

So for those brides to be out there, I hope this helps.

Congratulations to all the brides today!

Still more to come on weddings.
Stay tuned.




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