Teebillz/tiwa savage saga: watch tiwa’s exclusive interview has she exposes teebillz.

Hello folks.

Seems I have indeed carried last on the recent gist concerning teebillz and tiwa savage. Well,it’s not too late to give a full account of everything.

So, it was confirmed that teebillz really did write all those things he shared on IG. His account wasn’t hacked has he claimed on Twitter,  apparently someone was trying to cover up his ass.

I knew something was up!

He was found on eko bridge by banky w and was immediately taken to his place (banky’s house). While all these was going on,tiwa had absolutely no clue as to the damage he has done on IG.
Watch her exclusive interview here.


Apparently fine boy teebillz has been living a lie, she has been the one doing everything for him even buying his clothes. He hasn’t for once bought clothes for their son jamil…shame on him. She mentioned quite a lot of bad habits which is really surprising. Who would have thought right??


It was confirmed that Mr teebillz is in debt of  45million naira. Wow! My guess is, he was trying to avoid paying back, so why not jump off the bridge.
At this point we really don’t know who is saying the truth, but it seems Nigeria sweetheart has had enough of all mr teebillz shenanigans. She says they haven’t been together for two months! So she’s dropping the ring and walking away. She did promise to continue praying for him, we all know God answer prayers.

I’m pretty sure there’s more to the story. Stay tuned!
What do you think guys??
Please leave your comment and let us gist.




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