My surprise trip to Dubai: My dubai.

You should pack your clothes into the blue traveling bag, he said. We’re leaving for ibadan on Friday and we’re going to be there for a week!
What? Why? This Friday? I asked. Yes, this Friday, he replied.

Of course I wasn’t really into it, but I thought, well I’ve got nothing to lose. Started writing list of things we are going to buy on our way back to Lagos.
Alubo, a bucket full of fresh grinded pepper and tomatoes, plenty onions, yam, garri ijebu and meat ( agemawo to nice). I also mentioned that we should stop and eat amala at sky bank bodija before heading home. (If only I knew) oga kept nodding to everything I said, all the while he knew that none of it was going to happen.

So came Friday, left the house around 2pm. Got to hubby’s office and went straight in. He was already prepared, with one small Ghana must go that belongs to someone, he explained. Where’s the car? Are we not taking the car? I asked. Oga said no. No problem but how do we carry all the food stuff I told you about? He said not to worry. (O da o).

A few minutes later, a cab drove right in front of his office and we jumped right in, by then it was raining heavily. I was worried because I don’t like traveling when it rains. The whole place will be so messy. I went with it. The taxi driver drove in the wrong direction to ibadan, so I asked him why the driver was going through ikeja. We’re going to drop off this Ghana must go for someone, he replied. Ok! No problem. I turned to the window, watching the rain pour.

We got to the international airport and oga turn to me and said, get down; we’re meeting the person here. By that time,the rain had stopped and it was a bit cold plus I wasn’t dressed for the weather. We walked to the entrance and the soldier asked, for what purpose? We’re traveling, he answered. Traveling? My small kwale mind didn’t think twice about. I thought he said that so we could enter and meet whoever owns the Ghana must go bag.

And then we walked in, and I saw him drop all our bags, including the Ghana must go on the line for check in, I immediately reminded him to call the person so we can get a move on, it was already getting late and I hate night traveling. I like to see where I’m going, I don’t want someone to drive me in the wrong direction and when it’s dark you really can’t see much. So that made me worry.

Then he said it…(oluwa oo)

Du what? Dubai??? How? Are you Serious? No way!!! You’re joking!! I screamed!! I was completely surprised and super excited at the same time. I am going to Dubai?? Never been to anywhere outside Nigeria! (But I be local champion) name the state in Nigeria, I have been there but outside? This was my very first time. And then the fear kicked in, oh no, plane!! Never been on it before.

What do I do?? What do I do??

Ok! Calm down seyi. It’s not that hard, just act like you’ve been there. Easy for oga to say, he’s been on it a couple of times. After the thought settled in, I immediately called my people.

…Aunty, mo nlo Dubai ooo. I was screaming at top of my voice. My aunt at the other end of the line said, ahh! Ero ni o! Make sure you buy me a nice perfume when you are coming back o. Yes ma! The I called my siblings. Buy me this, buy me that!! I don hear.
Next was my besties, Ayo and funmi…ore mi, mo nlo Dubai oo. Ahhh they screamed and accused me of not informing them earlier. So I had to explain the whole story to them. Awww, that’s so sweet! Take plenty pictures oo. O je ri mi?

Trust me, I did!

Right from inside the plane, I started. Click click. (Ara oko delta de o)


Even when we landed.



I was super excited! A new environment, something different from what I’m used to. It was peaceful and colorful and YES it was beautiful.
We got into the bus which took us straight into Dubai and then we got down, picked our bags and we went our separate ways..not before I went to pee. I had to feed my eyes. Wow! Beautiful! Dubai fine abeg.
After I was done, we walked a little distance to the metro station. After a few more minutes, we arrived at our hotel.


Rose Rayhaan by Rotana. Beautiful!


We immediately settled in.
I knew I was going to have a blast and we did.
We visited every possible mall there is, it’s
really a place to behold.



And the open jumeirah beach.



And of course we went to the tallest building in the world.



The view from the tallest building in the world.

I completely forgot about the food stuff I was supposed to buy. We had to take two trains to down town where we got our own naija food( yellow garri and egusi soup). I was happy we found our own food, because I had started to think of how long the fasting would take if I didn’t get any naija food. I’m a confirm bush girl. I don’t know how to eat salad, pizza,Sharwama and the likes. And I am not ashamed to admit it. One day, I’ll learn. Until then, let me have my eba jeje.

Our trip lasted just a few days but it was one memorable experience for me. We couldn’t visit the desert but hopefully next time.


#My Dubai.


3 thoughts on “My surprise trip to Dubai: My dubai.

  1. Seyi, that story sound exactly like what my friend olu will do. Will I do same? I think 100% I could. I am proud of you both. I miss you guys. But I have not been to dubai before maybe soon when I an come up with a similar story… nice well written piece my bush babe… you need to eat the Chicago pizza and your life will not be the same again.

    Liked by 1 person

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