The Outdoor Wedding: Mary-Anncharles’16.

There’s something so effortlessly romantic and breathtaking about outdoor weddings.  Be it in a garden, on the beach or even a compound, it’s just beautiful! Everything in the surrounding automatically becomes a decor. I’m not so crazy about it but I wouldn’t hate it if I had it for mine.
A lot of people wouldn’t think about it especially if it’s in the rainy season but in this crazy hot weather, I think it’s perfect. Reason being that, you don’t want your guests leaving the hall just because it’s getting stuffy, even with the air condition some people just want fresh air.
You have nothing to worry about when you have a perfect plan, they say there’s nothing like a perfect plan but when planning for an outdoor wedding you should have one.

There was something so magical about Mary-Anncharles’16 outdoor wedding. I couldn’t make it but a lot of our friends says it was beautiful. The location,the scenery and of course the beautiful couple. The photographer did an amazing job, the pictures are lovely and it made me feel bad for missing out.

See pictures below.










Lovely right??
For your up coming weddings, check out Victor Onuka’s photography.


Photo credit: Victor Onuka.


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