Woman beaten to death by husband: The true danger behind domestic violence.

Domestic violence is a serious issue for women round the world. It could come in different forms, including emotional, sexual, physical abuse. Some men are also abused by their partners but domestic violence are often directed to women. Domestic violence happen in all types of relationship, it doesn’t end with man-woman relationship.

It may not be easy to identify at first because some men are very good at hiding their true nature. While some are very obvious from the onset. There are various signs that we should not over look. You maybe be experiencing domestic violence if your partner:

Insult you, call you names or put you down.
Discourages you from achieving your goals.
Discourages you from seeing your family and friends.
Controls how you spend money, where you go and what to wear.
Kicks, slaps, hit or chokes you everytime there’s an argument or wherever he gets in a terrible mood.
Blames you for everything and anything.

There are even more signs but we women love too much that it blinds us and we don’t take note of all these signs. It’s high time we open our eyes and think deep before involving ourselves in such relationships.
It’s obvious there are a lot of violent partners out there and we women are still in danger of falling into the hands of one.

The case of Mrs Ronke Bewaji Shonde is no different. She was a victim of domestic violence,beaten to death by the father of her two kids, the man who took a vow to love and to cherish her, to keep her safe, the man she called HUSBAND! Instead, she took her last breath in his hands. How cruel! The man is currently on the run and they’re yet to find him.
I don’t even want to know what she did, there’s no reason on earth that will make a man beat up a woman. Absolutely none! Funny thing is, there must have been some traces here and there and I’m pretty sure some family members or friends were telling her to patch up, to manage and tolerate…she did tolerate and now where did it end? She’s dead and her kids are left with family to raise.



There’s this crazy belief in our society that makes we women look irresponsible. The minute a woman decides to leave her abusive relationship, somebody is ready to make you feel like a prostitute. Oh the society does not respect a woman who lives alone..oh it’s wrong for a woman to pack out of her husband’s house especially if he didn’t tell her to leave…oh what will People think? Oh you’re going to disgrace your family..oh your kids will be fatherless and whole world Will laugh at you.. They already have a list of bullshit that will go down if a woman ever think of leaving. The society is not the one taking all the constant beating and insults and so many other demeaning things. So why worry about what they’ll say especially if your life is at stake??

Yes, the bible does not support divorce but I don’t also think the bible support your husband beating you to death. No!

A mother lost her child, two kids lost their mum and a family lost their sister. To what end?? Pleasing the society?

We Women round the world need to stand and fight against domestic violence. Everyday a life is taken due to it and somewhere, someone is fighting for her own.

My peace of mind…



One thought on “Woman beaten to death by husband: The true danger behind domestic violence.

  1. yeah it is high time we say no to domestic violence. Enough is enough, speak up ladies don’t die in silence and never ignore the warning signs.


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