Ideas for picking the perfect mother’s day gift.

YES! Mother’s day is here…again.
And we all want to show just how grateful we are to that special woman. Words are not enough sometimes, we need to show a little more appreciation by gifting our mothers.
Do you know what she would love? Can you guess? Well,I’m here to help you with some ideas on picking the right gifts.

Every woman I know has at least five or six different scarf. I don’t why they need so much but they do. I got one for my grandma years ago and every time someone walks in the door,she tells them I bought her a gorgeous scarf and she intends wearing it for the next village meeting. Till her death, she never stopped talking about that scarf! ( by way she had over 20).
So you can try pick out colorful vibrant ones for her,I’m sure she’d love it.


A wristwatch is also something very nice to look at. It would be nice to have a fancy wristwatch to look it when she’s going out for owanbe or even church. Trust me, her pastor will hear about it.


Buy her a nice jewelry. Something to replace the lost one or old ones. Earrings, necklace, rings. You can even inscribe on it. Ahhh! Perfect!


I don’t know any woman that will reject a set of pots. No way! That would truly make her smile. An average African mother have at least 8 different pots in different sizes. They won’t say no to a brand new set.


There are many more gifts that you can give your mum, these are just to mention a few.

Spend time with her today and show her all the love she has given you.


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