Alleged wife killer says late wife was unfaithful.

The alleged wife killer Lekan shonde opened up some secrets about his marriage to late Ronke Shonde who died on Thursday in their home. He claimed that his late wife, was unfaithful to him and neglected her duty as the wife and mother of their two kids.


He claimed he did not kill her but admitted that they had issues that thursday night which led to a lot of argument.

He said,

My wife changed when she started working, she works from Monday to sunday.
She stopped cooking,and taking care of the kids.
I have two cars which she drives often because I don’t drive.
She has my ATMs with her and spends my money as she deemed fit.
He said he hired a nanny and pays 20,000naira monthly.

He also explained that the previous week, his wife traveled to Abuja for four days and their son mentioned to him that he heard a male voice in the background.

He further explained that one of his friends told him that his wife went with her boss. And that they were in the same hotel and in the same room.
On her arrival, he said he confronted her about it and she went on her knees and begged him. He also added that he called his late wife’s boss and he also pleaded with him.

Lekan shonde claims that he only slapped his wife and he did not mean to kill her.

Unfortunately,Ronke is not here to defend herself. Both Lekan and Ronke only knows the truth and what he says is what we have so far…Ronke can’t speak for herself.

…by the way, all of these doesn’t explain how or why she died.
I think there’s more to the story…

What do you think? Please write your thoughts on the issue.


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