Another case of domestic violence: Husband smashed wife’s head with plank.

This issue of domestic violence is really getting out of hand. Not quite long did we hear of late Ronke Shonde and Lekan Shonde,who is currently in police custody. That issue is yet to be resolved and here goes another.

The picture of the lady below is another victim of domestic violence whose husband smashed wooden plank on her head during a heated argument. Her mother is telling her to go back to her husband’s house, even with the injury on her head.

Was she also unfaithful? Just like Lekan Shonde says of his late wife.

See photo below.


Every marriage have their own issues but do they all smash plank on their wives head? Or do they all end up killing them??

Honestly our society is one big problem women have. Like i said in my last post on domestic violence, our society doesn’t believe a woman should leave an abusive relationship because of the shame, disgrace and because of the fear of being a laughing stock and that’s why a lot of women die silently in their unhappy homes.
If the lady above can be told by her mother to go back to the same man who did this to her head, then that says it all.. it’s really a pity.


Photo source: juicylinksmag.


3 thoughts on “Another case of domestic violence: Husband smashed wife’s head with plank.

  1. I still don’t understand why a right thinking man will beat his wife no matter what she said or did.I still say it i think our parents failed in training their sons properly.Why should her mother advice her to go back to where she was almost beaten to death.
    #SayNoToDomesticViolence #TrainAMaleChildToHonourAndRespectTheFemale #WomenSupportOneAnother

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  2. I sincerely wonder where these generation husbands get their ideologies from..were they actually trained in that light?or they just grew in2 wife beaters?huh..well I think this can only be corrected if we can inculcate the habit of respect for the female gender into them from the cradle..they ll make it a culture as they grow up. #TrainAMaleChildToHonourAndRespectTheFemale

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  3. My view about the new case is that the woman should take a break otherwise she might not survive the next one. Once issues in the home degenerate to physical abuse both parties should seek help and separate till peace returns.

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