Family of late Ronke Shonde denies Lekan Shonde’s claims.

The Family of late Ronke Shonde has made a statement on the issue on ground, concerning their late daughter Ronke and her husband Lekan. The sister of the deceased Bolatito, denies everything that was said by her late sister’s husband and then went ahead to say that Lekan Shonde is a very jealous man and was also very insecured.
She stated that all claims he made about him leaving her with his two cars, her sleeping with her boss, even spending his money anyhow are all lies.
Here are the powerful shockers laid out by Bolatito, sister of the deceased during her interview with Punch.


1. Lekan’s first physical abuse was in 2012. And the most recent was in December 2015, which almost led Ronke packing out of the house. She had agreed to leave, but changed her mind later. The case was even reported to the police.

2.Ronke, whose brother just passed on, was crying while Bolatito, on instructions of their mum, was begging her to leave him, that December 2015.

3. A pastor and landlady on their street begged on behalf of Lekan Shonde. And she stayed, in spite of the warning.

4. The recent source of rancour was a love child brought by his baby mama. The discovery shattered Ronke. And Lekan was pleading and begging, even volunteering to do a DNA test, which he never did.

5. The love child expose turned Ronke into a quieter woman who stopped talking to her husband.

6. Bolatito claimed Ronke never had a relationship outside wedlock. That it was Lekan’s jealousy and insecurity that fueled his suspicion. That the manager mentioned had a professional relationship with Ronke.

7. On many occasions, three other colleagues of Ronke had been accused of dating her. That even male Facebook friends have been embarrsssed by useless accusations.

8. Lekan kept vigil in front of their house to see who would drop his wife. And accuse her of adultery.

9. The children school fees were sometimes paid by the Bewajis, contrary to Lekan’s account of providing for the family. And sometimes rent. That before she died, she was struggling to raise N70,000 to replace the gear box of her car.

10. Lekan constantly went through Ronke’s phones to see if she was cheating. And constantly trailed her to check if she had lovers.

She also mentioned that Lekan Shonde is a recklessly violent man.

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