Seyi’s Daily #1.

Hello my lovely readers, how una dey?
I’m sure a lot of you know that I am a young mother and wife, what you don’t know is, i am currently out of a job (office job) though I’m a full time mum and trust me it’s not easy.
I am exhausted all the time and I hardly put on a pretty face( make-up). For those who say she’s not working, she just sits home and lounge..well first of all,its not lounging and second of all, I am working. The difference between us is, you go to the office while i work from home and it’s a full time job! Round the clock!
No me time, No five minutes break, No all by myself. If you are a stay-home mum and you can cave your brow perfectly without one looking like it’s going to run off your face, then you’re my hero! I would love to take lessons from you.

Stay tuned for more Seyi’s daily.


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