My Love for Ewa Agoyin: Saturday/Sunday morning breakie.

My love for Ewa Agoyin is unbreakable, I don’t know if it’s because of my childhood experience ( iya iyabo) or just because of the taste. I just can’t help it.


During my preggy days, I’d take my cooler to the woman who sells, plenty bus stops away from my house and office. I’d eat and eat and still want more. I’m not a big fan of beans but this particular one, I can travel down to anywhere just to get it. To balance it, get one hot Agege bread, the type of bread Olajumoke was hawking as early as 6/7am that she even photobomb Ty Bello’s shot. If you want tea fine, if not, water will do.
I’m currently standing in front of my window, looking out for any Ewa Agoyin seller.

What’s for breakie today guys? Tell me yours in the comment section below.



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