When Lagos Means Eko.

Lagos my city! Place of my birth.


The place where you see over population at it best, the place where you know you won’t see Electricity for days and you worry because it has become a way of life, the place where rushing to get public bus is normal and increment of tfare is no longer a problem, the place where every one complains of no money, and yet the airport is crowded with travelers, the place where grinding of pepper as increased to 200naira from 100naira due to increase in fuel price, the place where we don’t worry about traffic anymore,we just plan our day and include it, the place where pure water bag now cost 150 to 200 naira, the place where you hear over 5 or even 10 generators at once due to no electricity.
We don’t say welcome to Lagos, we say
                    This is Lagos!!!


Photo credit: Adeoye Shobakin.
Instagram | @deoyesalem.


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