Banky W Finds a Wife: Mr Capable Set to Marry.

Nigeria most eligible bachelor has found a wife! Well, not the way you think guys. He did get a message from a lady who claims to have had the vision three times.
He mentioned in a recent interview that he plans to marry and start his own family but it seems like he is getting a divine intervention and revelation from God through this young lady.
Mr capable shared the screenshot of the message he got from the unknown lady.
See photo below.


He captioned the shot:

People are seeing visions about me now ohhh
“God” told her three times? At least he should tell me once na ah ahn #lol #smh.

Well, Mr Banky we wish you luck.


One thought on “Banky W Finds a Wife: Mr Capable Set to Marry.

  1. Mr Capable (alia Dominic, Kevin) are thie biggest lier I’ve ever knowen. He promise his herirtage off millions after we got married. He needs money to come too South Africa to meet me because all his art and culture stuff are stuck in Turkey’s customs. He cant sell it because he must pay $200,000 for Turkey customs. The other art and cultare are in London also at customs. The lawyers off the heritage are in Texas. They need a married certificate before they can release the herritage. His the biggest scammer on earth. PLEASE BE CAREFULL FOR HIM


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