Kim Kardashian West Accused of Corrupting The Youths Of Iran

Kim Kardashian is known for posting nude or almost nude selfies of herself on IG and with over 1million followers. Iran accused her of being the Secret Agent employed by instagram to corrupt their Women and Population.


According to vanity fair, the Islamic country’s  Agency charged with protecting the women and the youths from the influences of the western culture, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corp (IRGC) accused kim of being a secret agent tasked by instagram’s CEO to corrupt their youths by posting several nude and provocative selfies on IG.

Kim Kardashian West selfies are a taboo in Iran. IRGC claims that kim and instagram CEO targets the young people and Muslims to shed their values and post selfies of their own.
The country has since begun a search for any locals who post un- Islamic photos.

To show how serious they are, 8 models have been arrested for exposing their hair. One famous model, Elham Arab, known for her wedding dress pictures, was questioned on camera by the IRGC. She was charged with promoting Western Promiscuity and was forced to give a public self- criticism.

IRGC has warned over 170 individuals and 29 are targeted for prosecution.


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