Late Ronke Shonde’s Phone Under Scrutiny.

It was gathered earlier that the phone belonging to Late Mrs Ronke Shonde is under major scrutiny with the police. Late Ronke Shonde who was accused by her husband of having an affair with the manager of the Printing Company where she worked. All her text messages and calls logs are being investigated on.


A source at the Lagos Police Command said:

Yes the phone is still with us and we have not released it to the family, because we are still using it for investigation.

He also cautioned the public, saying that “the mere fact that we have her husband with us does not mean that we have concluded that he was responsible for the death.
We are looking beyond just the man (Lekan Shonde).We are still waiting for the report of the autopsy, before we decide on the next line of action


The alleged lover of Late Ronke  Shonde is expected to report at the station this week. They plan on confronting him with all evidence gathered especially from text messages and phone calls.

Photo source: juicylinksmag.


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