The State Of Our Economy: How Market?

Majority of people know just how crazy things have been for the past few months. I didn’t want to get into details because it’s heartbreaking but I changed my mind. Who knows the price of a basket of tomatoes? How many people knows just how bad it is to get enough to make a pot of stew?  With 1,000 naira you can buy enough tomatoes and pepper to make a pot full of stew and some people don’t even need up to that amount in some parts of Lagos but now you can’t get enough for 1,000naira. Which means a lot of people are either eating their white rice with egusi or efo riro or some are not even making stew at all. I recently went to the market to get tomatoes and pepper for stew, I almost cried home because I couldn’t see it and to make Matters worse, they grind now for 200naira, (no matter the quantity) due to increase in fuel. Now that’s another issue. A basket of tomatoes cost about 30,000naira now, so market women are not gracious when selling to their customers anymore.



Now to the issue of fuel, after months and months of struggling to get fuel and all the beg sir and please ma, we have to buy fuel for 145/200 Naira per litre? This is just outrageous! If you walk into the filling station to buy and they sell for that amount,how much will black market sell theirs? Because believe it or not there are still some people selling black market rates out there. Our government will wake up one morning and decide to throw some bullshit at us and every time we allow it. Nigerians have the ability to swallow nonsense, to allow rubbish. And why won’t they continue to throw it at us? Transportation situation now is high, if you’re working far from home, you know definitely that transportation fare is going to increase and you’re likely to pay double the amount you spend before, and that doesn’t mean your boss will increase your salary. So a jobless person needs to be on a salary to be able to get a job. You need to be able to attend all the interviews which I’m pretty sure will be far from home.



For how long are we going to continue like this??
I want to be able to cook stew whenever i want and not worry about how expensive tomatoes is, I want to be able to go down to sango otta and visit my family without the fear of transportation holding me back.

What is your take on the issue at hand? Please leave your comment below.

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One thought on “The State Of Our Economy: How Market?

  1. The cause of tomato scarcity is the heat wave experienced in the north,even dangote tomato paste company has suspended production.
    But for the removal of fuel subsidy it is for the benefits of Nigerians,no more black markets.


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