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Loving Even When it’s Hurting.(1)

It’s doesn’t seem like it will go away any time soon, yeah…the pain, the hurt, the loneliness. It wasn’t always like this though…No

She remembers it all too well and the smile that appears on her face when she thinks about it…Hmmm sweet good days.
It was like something she had never felt before and it was sweet, more than sweet. It took off slowly, like friendship, they never saw it coming but they both knew that at some point someone will fess up. Luckily for both of them,they did at the same time.

It was beautiful, they were all each other had when they both had nothing.

Mosun and James met way back in school (undergraduate days), she was in her first year while he was almost through. They didn’t really take note of each other because they were always with a group of friends, just hanging out. Though its constant and they see each other everyday. She really can’t say how it started but they just clicked.

James was really attractive, you know your regular tall dark and handsome? Yes, he was tall, dark and very handsome…and he made her laugh, that was a plus. She on the other hand, was skinny, light skinned,and beautiful, she had this innocent girl kinda of look.

One faithful day, they find themselves alone talking and expressing the way each other felt.. he said sweet words, she blushed, butterflies were flipping in her stomach. The start of a new thing….

Next episode continues next Monday. Stay tuned.



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