Loving Even When It’s Hurting.(2)

The start of a beautiful relationship..Mosun and James were all over each other, every one noticed even their closest friends. Not everyone was happy about their relationship, some thought she didn’t deserve him and some thought it should have been them…girls! So treacherous.
They didn’t care, they went on funny dates. Sat under the hot sun and drank garri and groundnut, talk for hours, gossip about passersby, they had fun together.

It was just the two of them and that was what mattered.

Few months after, James was preparing for NYSC, he was posted to Yola. Oh boy! That broke her heart. She was sad because she couldn’t visit but happy he his taking another step in becoming a man.
As early as 5am on that fateful day, James called to say his goodbye, they laughed and cried on the phone…he kept saying I’ll miss you, I’ll miss you so much. Of course she’d miss him too but she was more worried about their relationship, it has been said that distance doesn’t help relationship especially when you’re going has far as Yola. She told him not to forget her, she told him to call immediately he gets there, she also told him to always keep in touch. He promised. The call ended. And they both continued life in their different locations.

At first the phone calls and text messages were constant, but later on it became hard to reach James. Mosun was worried, a lot came to mind. His he seeing someone else? Has he forgotten her? Why isn’t he picking her calls? What is happening? And when he finally got a hold on him, he said he was busy… busy? No one is that busy! You can at least pick your calls and say you’ll call back or anything but to not pick her calls, drove her crazy.

She didn’t understand the reason or reasons behind his attitude…it bothered her so much and she came to a conclusion. The only way to get to the bottom of this, is to face the bull.

So, she pack up a few clothes and headed for Yola. She didn’t inform him of her decision to visit, she didn’t inform anyone. She wanted to surprise him.
After two long days of traveling and the terrible night sleep at the park in onisha, she arrived in to Yola. What next? How do I get there? She asked herself..should she call him and tell him to pick her up? What if he doesn’t pick up? She was confused.
She asked around and was directed to the NYSC camp, from there she was direct to the local government where she finally got a break. Someone knew him. Hallelujah!

A call was put through to him, he came rushing down only to find who it was….Mosun!

Mosun??? He said…

There they were, standing and facing each other…should she hug him? Should she jump? What to do? The only word that came out was.. Hi

Until next Monday, stay tuned.



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