I Didn’t Rub Anything On My Body Olajumoke Reacts To Allegations Of Using Charm.


Olajumoke, the breadseller turned super model recently reacts to all allegations made that she used charm on that fateful day to rise to fame.

In an exclusive chat with Punch Newspaper, breadseller turned model addressed the notion that she rubbed something on her body on that day.

The Osun state born, who rose to fame when she accidentally walked into Ty Bello’s photo shoot, explained saying:

Me? Olajumoke rubbed something? Never! People are just insinuating. I thank God for that particular day because I didn’t rub anything, even common cream before rushing out of the bakery.

Where would I have had time for that when customers would be waiting for my bread? I have never used fetish things in my life and never had the tiniest
incision on my body.

I hate having marks on my body. My parents are good Christians and I am sure the photoshoot took place just because of me. I don’t use anything; spiritual or physical. I just pray to God and thank Him.

Photo credit: instagram | @olajumoke_o.


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