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I Use A Bullet Proof Car And Security Details Whenever I’m In Nigeria- DJ Cuppy.

Billionaire heiresses and daughters of Femi Otedola, Temi Otedola and DJ Cuppy, were both featured on UK’s Daily Mail and they were both referred to as Britain’s new super-rich, as they live a jet-set life and enjoy every luxury of wealth.


According to the article:

when she (Cuppy) is working in Nigeria she needs to travel with a security team in a bullet proof car due to the risk of robbery and kidnapping.

She believes she is more happier living in the UK, that’s why she moved into her own apartment.

She also said:

London is bliss as I can walk down Brompton Road without a worry in the world. In Lagos I can’t say “I am going out for two hours”, I have to go with people, take security, my dad needs to know where I am. None of my other DJ friends need security, it is kind of his fault so he has to pay for it.

Temi Otedola, on the other is currently studying for a degree in Arts history at University College London. She also had her own reason for living in London.

We have done Dubai and Paris but always come back to London. You have the luxury shops, luxury cars, luxury houses, you can spend the money you have worked hard making.

Well…when money speaks. What do you think guys? Please leave your comments below.

Source: Bella naija.


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