Seyi’s Daily.#5:How To Leave A Comment On Any Post.

Hello my awesome readers, it’s awhile.
Well, there’s really nothing much going on, it rains everyday as I’m sure you all know, NEPA have been really nice, Thank God!

So loves, I noticed a lot of you guys don’t leave any comments or click likes on any of my post even when the numbers of views are pretty high. Which means, you all read but you don’t comment. it’s really shocking, when I don’t get a feed back or something from you guys.. because you know your comments are like PARTY JOLLOF RICE and I really enjoy it.

So with a help of a screenshot I’ll show you how and where to click for comment, likes, and share.

To write a comment on any post, you see a section of the blog that says “leave a comment”


When you click, you’ll see where you can type in your comments.

To like any of my posts, the same apply to this too.


See where the red arrow point?that’s the “like” button, so click away guys.

To share any of my post, follow the red arrow again and click on share. You can share any of my posts on all your social media.


Also, if you want to reblog any post, just click on the “reblog” button.


So loves, I hope with this little illustrations, you’d find it easy to leave a comment or comments, click like and also share any or all of my posts.

Looking forward to your comments and I’d gladly reply.

Have a great day loves💋


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