My Position On The Orlando Shooting..

Hi Loves,


This is a little different for me, as i have never  really talked about one sexuality. I have never made any statement regarding gays or lesbians, as a matter of fact I do not I have a say in whatever sexuality someone chooses to be.

I don’t believe in it but i do not have any problem with you being gay or lesbian, its your choice. They believe God created them that way, which a lot of us still doubt that but then who really knows? Some people are ready to quote the bible..relax.

There are a lot of things in that bible that we do not understand yet, there are things about God we don’t know or understand. There are things about the world that are beyond our understand. How well do we understand the creation of the earth? How well do we understand our own creation? If you still don’t know much about it, then why judge someone who strongly believes he or she was created to be gay or lesbian? If there’s so much about the bible that you don’t know, why do you think you know that God did not create these people like that??

I don’t know half of what the bible says, I’m trying to understand myself, and I’m constantly trying to understand what God says about me and his purpose and plans for me,  I’m still trying to have a relationship with my maker, everyday I am. I don’t know everything in the bible but I know it says DO not judge, and I also know it says Love. Love. Love.

I am African and in Africa, we don’t believe in being gay or lesbian, don’t even mention to your parents that God made you like that…you’re probably not going to be able to speak again but as African, I am human and still have a heart and i have emotions. Those people killed were first human beings before being gay, someone gave birth to them, they are humans, like me and you.

A friend of mine once asked me why I watch Ellen DeGeneres show, but before I could answer she said ” the day I found out she’s lesbian, I stopped watching her show” what? Really? I was shocked! I was truly shocked! I mean why would you choose to watch a show based on the sexuality of that person? Is that what the show is about?
I sat her down and talked to her… Ellen DeGeneres show is not about her sexuality, Ellen is first a comedian but through her show she has helped a lot of people, she has changed lives and she has made an impact and a difference in her society, being gay is NOT an excuse for anyone not to watch her show, she has made more impact in her society than any straight person could ever think of. At the end of every of her show she says ” be kind to one another” something a lot of us don’t know how to do, I watch her show so I can learn how to make a difference in my own society. I asked her, since she is straight, how many lives has she changed? What impact has she made? She couldn’t say a word. I don’t know if she has started watching  the show again, but I’m not stopping because she’s lesbian.

So, I guess my question, is why kill? Why kill your fellow human because of their sexuality? Who are you to judge? If truly they’re what they are why not leave them and let God do the judging? Most gays or lesbians have a better heart than we straight people.

Omar Mateen took it upon himself to shoot over 50 humans and 53 more are seriously injured, because they’re gay.

I say it again, they’re first, humans like me and you.

I am Nigerian, it is against my society and my country to be gay or lesbian, you probably get jail time for it, but I am human and it is not against my country or my society to be human.

My condolences to all families that lost a loved one.

Spread love.


3 thoughts on “My Position On The Orlando Shooting..

  1. Looking @ it from your angle I can relate, those guys are humans. No matter what, they should be treated as one. Looking forward to reading more articles from u. # yourcrush


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