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12 Girls And A 14 Year Old Found In The Home Of A 51 Year Old Man,Who Now Face Sex Charges.

51 year old Lee Kaplan was arrested at his home in feasterville, pennyslyvania for child sex assaults charges, after 12 girls were found in his home, including a six month old who he fathered with the 14 year old child and a three year old who he fathered with the oldest girl.


Police visited his home on the 16th of june, after they received a call about the health and safety of numerous children living in the house.

Initially, a resident at the home denied any children living there but when police arrived, they discovered 12 girls. Police allege Kaplan admitted to having fathered the six months old baby and the three year old. The 18 year old said she’s the mother of the two children and added she was not married to him.(kaplan)

It was reported that the girls were originally from an Amish community in Lancaster county. Police said they were looking for an Amish expert, who can help conduct interviews with the children.


The police said, the 18 year old was gifted to  Kaplan after some business arrangement with her parents. Her parents, Daniel 43 and Savilla Stoltzfus 42, said 9 of the children are theirs and they  believe the trade was legal  because of something to read on the internet. They and their children moved in with Kaplan at a later date.


The girl’s parents have also been arrested.


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