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Boy Killed For His Kindness.

A bronx teenage, who showed kindness to a homeless man was stapped multiple times in the chest becuase of $2. Apparently the $2 wasn’t big enough.Carl Ducasse was set to graduate high school when this terrible thing happened.

The homeless guy wanted more,” said a weeping Angela Ducasse, the slain teen’s mother. “He died because of $2. I can’t believe he’s gone.”
The victim’s parents, surrounded by a dozen family members and friends, sat in their home about a block from the murder scene at E. 175th St. and Walton Ave. in Mount Hope.

A candle light memorial  happened within hours of the accident in front of the teen’s home. Police confirmed that carl was approached by a man before another one joined him, armed with a knife and attacked the teen. No arrest were made in the killing, police said.

Mother of the teen, Angela Ducasse said, her son bent to pick up a phone which dropped during the  argument and that was when he was attacked.

He was never a kid of the streets,” said Angela Ducasse. “He was a regular teenager. He was never arrested. He said he wanted to be a lawyer.
“We already bought his graduation clothes.
Carl was the youngest of three kids, he was immediately rushed to Barnabas hospital, but they were unable to save him, Officials said.
A friend who was with Carl when the attack happened about 11:20 p.m. told the family about the confrontation. Dad Carlos Ducasse, 49, said the suspect lived in a nearby homeless shelter.
Fighting back tears on the eve of Father’s Day, Carlos talked of his son’s lost future.
He wanted to go to college,” the dad said. “He wanted to be prepared for life.
Source: New York Times.

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