Loving Even When It’s Hurting.(5)

Who the hell is kemi?
James is still trying to get himself after the wondrous slap she gave him.

Who the hell is kemi? She asked again?

I don’t know any kemi, he said…oh you don’t? She replied, that’s strange because someone named kemi, just sent you a text, saying she loves you, she replied sarcastically.

Oh oh…yeah I remember, she’s in my PPA. Yeah, we’re serving together. Now I remember. What happened? Text is no big deal, guess she was worried that she hasn’t seen me for days now..
She said I love you, Mosun said that with a funny face.. he went on to explain how close they are but nothing emotional.
Mosun didn’t believe it one bit but aside the text, she has no other proof which was proof enough to her.. so she decided to go back to sleep and talk about it in the morning.

There was absolutely no reason for James to lie to her but she was still going to question him, whether he likes it or not… after there usually morning business, Mosun proceed to ask James about this “kemi” girl.

I really don’t think you were being honest with me, I mean why would a girl you claim is just a friend send you a message with I love you?? I don’t send I love you to all my friends? What exactly is going on? Mosun asked…James didn’t answer at first, he buried his head in the big bowl of white rice and stew in front of him.
…Mosun proceeded again, James, I just asked you a question? Don’t I deserve a better explanation? And this time, James replied, look Mosun, I can only speak for myself, I can’t tell you the reason behind her sending that text and I can’t explain the “I love you”... and by the way I’m not comfortable with you checking my phone! Would you be happy if I checked yours?

Mosun was red with anger, not only did he not explain himself well enough, now he is blaming her for checking his phone? He now screams at her because of this kemi girl? She thought.. you can check mine if you want to and please don’t change the subject! She replied. By this time, James was getting ready to leave. I don’t know what else you want me to say. First, you traveled down here without telling me about it and now you’re accusing me of cheating? I can’t talk about this right now, I have to go. See you when I get back. Mosun watched him open the door, leaving her speechless.

She just stood there speechless…oh this is not over, she told herself, I am going to get to the bottom of it…

Few hours later, he was back. Obviously he was still mad about the whole drama this morning but Mosun didn’t care. She went about her usual thing, offered him lunch and he ate. She didn’t want to bring it up immediately though, she wanted him to relax.

Just after a little conversation on how his day went, she threw the subject open again… I have thought about this whole kemi issue and I have decided to meet her before I leave, she said… meet her? What for? James replied. You know, I want to meet the girl who cares so much about you and thank her for looking out for you, especially since I’m not here to that.. James was starting to shake. I don’t think it’s necessary but if you insist, I’d ask her. Oh, I insist..Mosun said.

Two days after, mosun was packed and ready to leave, only she hasn’t met kemi yet. James kept coming up with one excuse or the other and she was just over it. She did express herself on their way to the park and all he said was, she’s no one to worry about, trust me..

Mosun wasn’t feeling the trust but there was nothing she could do since she’s ready to leave Yola..

Just as the bus start to move, she saw a female grab James from behind, holding him tight.

Could that be kemi? Mosun thought.

Until next week, stay tuned.💋


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