How To Know If You’re An Emotional Eater.

Not what you thought? I know, but being an emotional eater is actually a thing. A very serious thing. I know because I used to be one.

And no, I’m not ashamed of admitting that and neither should you.

Well, a lot of you may not know if you are because you ignore the signs, while some of you know right from the get-go. For some of you who do not know, these few tips will help you recognize it and also help you STOP

1. When you’re angry, the only thing that usually and mostly calms you, is when you have a bite of something or anything. Sweets, biscuits, gum, or a whole meal.

Now. If you find yourself in a situation where you are suddenly angry over any issue and after speaking your mind, you just want a bite of something, you’re mostly likely an emotional eater. It’s not normal to want food after a big argument or fight over where to go for vacation or where to put the dog house.(especially if you just ate like an hour ago) Why not walk away from the situation, pour cold water on your face and find somewhere private to sit alone for a while or take a walk. That will help reduce the urge to eat or chew something.

2. When you’re under pressure, this is also a most likely trigger for emotional eaters. A lot of us can’t handle pressure, any type of pressure at all. Be it financial pressure, emotional pressure, work stress and the likes, we just can’t deal with it.

Now, the most obvious ones to fall into are the, emotional and the financial pressure…oh boy! I remember whenever i have any form of argument with my boo, after the “ehee ehee“, the next thing is to enter the kitchen and look for something to eat and immediately I put a bite in my mouth,there’s this calmness that follows or so I thought. If you feel this way or have felt this way in the past, you need to know it’s absolutely not normal and that’s a big sign of being an emotional eater. As I mentioned earlier, walk away from the situation or sit alone somewhere private just for a while. Trust me, it helps.

If its the financial aspects, being broke ain’t cute. No, no. I truly can relate. It’s another way to eat your broke ass off… don’t open the fridge because there are goodies in it, too much sweets and biscuits, with a glass of juice can not change the fact that you’re broke and when you keep eating whenever you’re angry or broke, then you’re probably going pounding in more fat. Try watch a movie, a horror movie, that will scare the shit out of you, read a novel and if you’re in the office. Bury yourself with work…that should help.

3. When you’re bored, YES! You didn’t think I would add that? Well, when you’re bored and to make matters worse, NEPA refuse to bring light and there’s a pot of Soup in your kitchen,with Semo somewhere in your cupboard, it’s very tempting and all you can think of is food. Honey,you’re an emotional eater.

Some people would suggest you take a nap but trust me even while you’re napping the thought of that Soup and Semo will continue to linger in your memory and as a eater, until you have a taste of that Soup and Semo, you would probably not sleep. There’s nothing normal about that. I’ve been there, so I know. To get your mind off it, try listen to music and before you know it, sleep will come. If it doesn’t come, walk to the nearest hair salon in your area, try do something to your hair, straighten it, roll it, or fix it…hair salon is the best place to get all the latest gossip and before you know the thought of eating will clear off your mind.

Don’t confuse being a foodie to being an emotional eater. A foodie, appreciates good food and probably take a picture of it. They know when to eat and when not to but an emotional eater, is controlled by their emotions or feelings.

I have tried all of these and I MUST tell you, it works. It takes time though, your stomach will tell you that’s the only way to calm you but honey it will only add more. Its a lot easier to gain weight, than to lose weight.

Have a great day loves💋


3 thoughts on “How To Know If You’re An Emotional Eater.

  1. I just love to munch on junk all the time,the craving is there 24/7.It never goes away*sad eyes*
    Am i an emotional eater?


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