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Mom Shot DEAD By Mother-In-Law.

A mother-in-law shot her estranged daughter-in-law!!! A kindergarten teacher in Georgia, was shot to death by the mother of her estranged husband at her parents home.


According to Authorities, 63 year old Elizabeth Wall,(right) has been accused of shooting to death the wife of her son, Jenna wall, 35 (left) at her home. She arrived at her home with her two grandsons (7 and 8 years old) and told them to wait in the pickup truck, while she went into the house.

According to her grandsons, several shots were fired from inside the home. The boys are currently with the crimes against children units for proper interviews.


The victim’s husband, Jerrod Wall, was informed of the murder through a phone call made by his mother. He immediately left work and arrived home to see his mother sitting beside the victim’s body and holding a gun.

She has now been charged with murder, aggravated assault, possession of a weapon during the commission of a felony and cruelty to children.


Her estranged husband, Jerrod Wall, who is now an investigator in a district Attorney’s office claims in a divorce petition that, his late wife, Jenna Wall was cheating on him and having sex with her male friend. He also claimed that she exposed one of their kids to her romantic meetings with the man, tried to deny him access to their sons and also filed for a permanent custody of the boys even though she wasn’t financially and emotionally stable to care for them.



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