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Loving Even When It’s Hurting.(6)

Who could that be?

Mosun thought! She can’t drop now, the bus was already moving and its just not reasonable to. She immediately took out her phone and dials his number, it rang but he didn’t pick up. She tried it again and this time he did. Hey, did something happen? He said when he picked up. No, I just wanted to know if you have left the park, she lied. Oh. Yeah, trying to get a bike. Ok, hmmmm, by the way who was that? She asked. Who? What are talking about? I mean the person who hugged you from behind..oh. you saw that? He said. Yes I did. It’s no one! Let me call back, I just saw a bike. Beep. The call ended. Did he just do that? He was completely avoiding the question and obviously lying.. she was angry but she couldn’t do anything about it. She’s already on her way back to school and she doesn’t want to look crazy inside the bus.

She took in a deep breath and brought out her earpiece, so she listened to some music as the bus drives her back to school. With the soft sound of Celine Dion’s “My Heart will go on“playing into her ears, she couldn’t get that image off her mind. Why can’t James be honest with her ? Why was he hiding it? If there is nothing going on between them, why hide it? Her mind was blowing up with questions with no answer.

A piece of her heart broke, she looked at her face through the screen of her phone and saw tears rolling down…oh my God, James is seeing someone else, she exclaimed! She was heart broken. She never thought he would do that to her. She immediately cleaned her face and told herself again,she would get to the bottom of it. Crying inside a public bus won’t change nothing.

The journey was smooth back to school, and she was tired, hungry and heart broken. She decided to talk to her two best friends, Ayo and funmi about it, hoping for an advice.

You did what? Ayo shouted. Why didn’t you tell us? Why travel all the way because of a guy? Funmi sat there nodding to everything Ayo said.. I’ve heard all these already ok! But I wanted to surprise him, I honestly thought it would get us back to where we used to be before this NYSC started. Finally, funmi got off the Pringles she was so engrossed in and said, carefully narrate the story again to us, maybe this time we’d understand and probably give you a little advice. Ok! Mosun started the story again, right from where she packed her bag and took a bus to Yola, her arrival and strange text message she saw and hug from behind…She was exhausted thinking about it over and over again.

Have you spoken to him since you got back? Ayo asked. No. He hasn’t picked my calls, mosun replied. Ahh, why won’t he pick your calls? He can’t be that busy. You know what mosun, let’s not rush into conclusions, it could truly be nothing like he told you. Are you serious? Oh, you expect him to say there’s something going on? Haba! She saw someone hug him tightly from behind, what do you need? And why was she even at the park? Ayo with her very sharp mouth said.. mosun was even more confused, what was she doing there? Did she come to secretly check her out? How does she even know the hugger was kemi?  Her head was banging now and funmi still insisted she put a call through to James one more time before jumping to conclusions.

She picked her phone and dialled his number, it rang for a short while and stopped. Try again, funmi said. She did and this time James picked her call..

Hello baby..

…Mosun froze.

Hello! Hello!! James kept saying “Hello” and mosun still couldn’t utter one word.

Hello, are you there?


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