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Uche Jombo Opens Up On Skin Bleaching.

Nollywood actress, Uche Jombo has opened up on skin bleaching, as it is a common trend in Nigeria Movie Industry.


She never considered it, she says. Even though it was a bit difficult for dark skin girls.


No I have never considered such. I can never do such because I know how hard I fought to be where I am with my skin colour. Do you know how hard it was for dark skinned actresses to play lead role during the early stages of Nollywood? Then when we have now started playing lead role, I would go and bleach? That is like slapping the faces of people who gave me that opportunity.

Back then, it was very rare and difficult for dark-skinned ladies to play lead roles, and it is wrong because it is misdirecting the younger ones. I can never bleach my skin. So was it tougher for a dark-skinned person to bag a lead role? Initially, in the beginning it was


She also mentioned how Genevieve broke the jinx.

I think Genevieve and Uche Osotule broke that jinx. At that time, that was the norm in Nollywood. They just preferred light-skinned people but with time it was no longer about your skin color but what you can put on the table. Before if you were fair in complexion, even if you cannot act, the role would be given to you and that is why I said that Nollywood is a revolving industry



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