Homeless Girl Graduates Two Years Early With College Scholarship.


Destyni Tyree, resides in Resilient Washington, DC in a homeless shelter after her mum lost her job few years ago. Theirs situation did not break her down, instead it gave her the motivation to carry on. She recently overcame extraordinary odds, when she graduated high school two years early with a 4.0 grade and also got a scholarship to college. The hard working teenager, never gave up.

Destyni said:

I don’t want to live in a shelter when I get older”. “I want to better my life, so that gave me the drive to do what I want to do,” she told NBC 4 Washington.

With great support from her principal and mum, Destyni, worked hard and exceeded her goals of graduating two years early.

She plans to attend Potomac State University later this year but still saving up for books which are not covered in the scholarship.

Her mum said she is so proud of Destyni’s achievement.


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