A Boy Named Dele…

I met Dele while I was attending my Jamb lesson(Rescue) back in 2004 in a popular cyber café called cyber tower, beside white house restaurant, Sabo, Yaba. I didn’t go there to browse, I actually went to make an international call. While at it, my classmate came over and mentioned she had extra minutes on her ticket and she wants to quickly browse, I said no problem and waited for her.

I sat next to her on my left, on my right is this gorgeous looking, fair in complexion guy and I was immediately smittened. Of course I acted like he wasn’t all that but from the corner of my eyes, I saw him check me out…my confidence blew up. A short while after, our eyes met and he smiled, I smiled back. He was gorgeous, his dipple showed when he smiled and I could hear myself say “awww”, you can pretty much say that was my first ” butterfly” experience.

My friend finished whatever she was doing and we both stood up to leave, as we walked towards the door, I noticed he was right behind us. I was secretly blushing because I know he would walk up to me..I was not wrong. He did.

Hi, he said. I smiled, Hello, I replied. Hope I’m not too forward, I saw you inside and I thought we had a moment, and I didn’t want you to go without having your digits, he said (Digits was what they used to say back then not number). What makes you think I have a phone? I asked. You’re way too pretty not to have one, he replied. I blushed. As we were talking, we were walking towards white house and back to my jamb lesson. He walked all the way back to my jamb lesson before I eventually gave him my number. I was using this phone back then, they call it “bird”, it has a very bright lemon/green light when you flip it. After we exchanged numbers, he said, I hope I can steal you away..from who? I asked. Your boyfriend, he said. I don’t have any, I replied… you know that scene in a romantic movie where the guy walk backwards but looking at the girl, smiling mushy mushy? Yeah, that was the scene, he did smile and also winked.

Dele was really cute.

When I eventually turned to go back to my class, I saw over 15 girls laughing and teasing me, saying ” you don fall in love ooo” No jor, I said…but Inside my mind, I was beginning to question it. Can one fall in love at first sight? I kept smiling, I think I smiled all through class that day and my friends won’t stop teasing me.

That night, Dele called and we spoke at length. We laughed, I blushed and of course we fixed a date for the next day. That night, I slept like a baby, I can honestly say I smiled all through my sleep. After a few hours of sleep, it was morning, I went about my chores with speed and I couldn’t wait to get out of the house. I was beginning to be more conscious of my looks and outfits. I got too wrapped up in my thoughts while standing in front of my wardrobe looking for what to wear, just to look presentable and pretty, that I didn’t notice my aunt call my name, but with a mind blowing slap at back of my neck, I turned with speed. Ma! I said. What were you thinking about that you didn’t hear me call you twice? (She said in Yoruba) I was looking for what to wear ma, I replied. Since when do you care what you wear? Oh, is there someone out there deceiving you? No ooo ma .(again in yoruba)

After the question and answer time, I was ready to see Dele again. I was excited about it, I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about anything as I was that morning. After the morning session, it was break time and I was waiting for his call. I decided to wait in front of my lesson gate, as I stepped outside my class, I saw Dele waiting already, resting his back on the door of his car. We both smiled. I walked to him and he walked towards me, we didn’t know if we should hug or shake hands. We eventually hugged, gosh!  he smelled so good. He told me he has a perfect day planned for us. First, he took me to a nice restaurant, we both had fried rice and chicken and after that, we went to his school, UNILAG. (He was a 200level student of English Dept) He showed me off to his friends and introduced me as his ” girl”. That was fast but I didn’t mind. After a sweet day out, I completely forgot about jamb class, he decided to drop me home, so he can know my place and of course pick me up when needed.

We drove all the way to Alaka Estate and when we got to my house, I told him to park where they won’t see us, which he did. We sat there for a while and talked. Then it was time to go, he drew closer and kissed me on the lips…I didn’t stop him. I kissed him back. It was short and sweet. We said goodbye and we promised to see each other the next day. I watched him drive off and went in after he had gone.

Smiling from ear to ear, I walked inside. I didn’t know I was that obvious until my cousin asked why I was blushing. I denied it and said I really had a good day at my jamb lesson. Ok, she said and went her way. To my knowledge no one saw us, so I just went about my business. I was wrong! My aunt had seen everything from the window of her room, from the kissing to the goodbye hugs…I almost fainted.

Who is he? And where did you meet him? She asked.lesson, I answered. I didn’t send you to that lesson, so you can fool around with boys, she said. Give me your phone, I was scared because I know if I give her, that is the beginning of the end of my relationship with dele. I had no choice, so I gave it to her. She immediately smashed it on the floor and I swear I heard myself scream out. That wasn’t the end, she informed me that I won’t be going to the Jamb lesson again, and hot tears flowed down my face..I cried.

There was no way to reach Dele and inform him of what has happened, I was not allowed to step out of the house for a week and unfortunately I didn’t memorize his number…

I was heartbroken..

I heard after a week from our gate man, that someone came twice to see me but wasn’t allowed in..I ran upstairs and I cried in the bathroom.

I fell in love with him and I didn’t even have the chance of experiencing a relationship with him. It ended right before it started. That was one guy that I wonder up to date, what it would have been like to be in a relationship with. 

For the short period I knew him, he made me feel so special, something I believe every girl deserves.

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