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I Got The Job He Wanted-Jose Mourinho.

Jose Mourinho claims it’s not his fault that Ryan Giggs left Manchester United, has hee (Ryan Giggs) wanted the top job for himself.


Ryan Giggs left Manchester United a few days ago after 29 years association with the club, he reportedly turned down a smaller role under Jose Mourinho.

During his first press conference as the new coach of Manchester United, Jose Mourinho confirmed that Ryan Giggs left the club because he wanted to be manager.

“I never run away from my responsibilities but I can say that it’s not my responsibility that Ryan Giggs is not in the club,” Mourinho said.
“The job that Ryan wanted to have was the one they have given to me. It’s not my fault. He wanted to be manager of Manchester United.
“He could be whatever he wanted in the club; they wanted to give him any important job, but he made a decision.
“Ryan wants to be a manager. Like 16 years ago, when I decided myself that I wanted to be a manager. Ryan has made his decision.
“I had two years on my contract left at Barcelona, when I was assistant. Do you think it was easy for me to leave that stability and take up a new fight? It’s not easy.
“Ryan has been honest and good luck [to him], and if he wants to come back one day when I am here then I will never stop him, and I will say ‘yes’ if the club asks my opinion.


“And if he comes back as a manager it will be something natural and a consequence of his success as a manager.
Source: Dailypost Nigeria.
Oga Mourinho don start again…




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