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YBNL Princess Temmie Ovwasa Revealed Her Rise To Stardom.

YBNL Princess, Temmie Ovwasa,revealed details of her life, career and rise to stardom. 

The singer talked about the kind of man she would consider dating.

My dream man must be supportive of my music career and mature enough not to be threatened by my fame.”

“He must also not see me as a competition and he must be grounded in God. I may date a musician if we both share similar values.

Temmie was discovered by YBNL boss, Olamide, after she posted  covers of his songs online.

I used to sing and record covers of different songs, which I post online. In August last year, I uploaded a particular video of a song and realised that Olamide had liked all my videos.

People erroneously thought I tagged Olamide in the video but I have never believed in tagging celebrities to get recognition.”

A few minutes later he sent me a direct message requesting for my phone number. At first, I thought it was a scam until I confirmed that it was indeed Olamide’s official Instagram account. I sent my number and we began talking.”

From the moment Olamide sent me a direct message, I knew something was going to happen; I am very intuitive. Getting signed on with YBNL Records is a blessing that gave me my big break.

She’s already making a mark in Nigeria music scene, with the release of her single, Jabole in May, 2016.


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