Aunty Ayo: How To Deal With A Self-Centered Friend.

Hello my awesome readers,

I have heard a lot of people complain about their other friend who is self-centered and don’t care about their feelings and opinion. 

Who is a self-centered person? 

A self-centered person is excessively concerned with himself and his own needs. 

According to advanced dictionary : it is defined as tending to think about only yourself and not thinking about the needs or feelings of other people.

In its extreme form, it can lead to narcissism. I am sure a lot of us have come in contact with them one way or the other but one advice we always get is, stay away from such people.

What are the signs of a self-centered person? 

They are usually arrogant they carry a lot of air around them. 

They have a lot should and must in their statements and have idealist views and impose their beliefs on others. 

They feel incomplete without others, they use people to feel their inner gap and they have a lot of friends but not after quality relationships, they also have a large number of friends around of them. They are usually unable to have long lasting relationship with their friends. Trust me they look so confident on the outside but deep down they feel inadequate.

How do you deal with your self-centered friends? 

Don’t ever allow them use you as their door mat, maintain your boundaries with them all the time. 

Don’t be attached to them in any form but you need a lot of patience in dealing with them. 

Be open minded when dealing with them. Don’t buy into their arrogance stay true to yourself and be sincere in all your dealings with /around them. In situations when you need to argue with them be precise, keep it short and simple they always have a thick wall of defense around them as they are not good listeners

We need to be sensitive in dealing with such people as they might be dealing with underlying situations.

In situations where you are the self-centered friend, there are ways of dealing with it. Most importantly acknowledge the fact you are self-centered, learn to ask for help when you need it. 

Be more social with your friends and ask them to tell you areas they will like to see you improve on. Take time off from people to deal with yourself. Appreciate everything that is done for you and be a good listener.

To all our self-centered friends, oya chop kiss, we love you but please improve on yourself. 

Show love to everyone, irrespective of how they treat us.


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