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Blac Chyna’s Father Criminal Records Revealed.

This is not good!

Blac Chyna’s Father’s criminal records revealed almost 30 offenses and over 12 convictions, including assault and theft.

According to Daily Mail, Eric Holland, 49,(Blac Chyna’s Father) is a serial criminal with a huge criminal rap sheet which includes, violence, assault, theft, amongst others. And he has been a fugitive from justice.

He has been in and out of trouble with the police for almost all his adult life and has also faces lengthy legal battles over unpaid child support in 1986, two years before Blac Chyna was born. 

He was arrested for assault and battery, resisting arrest and various driving offences and also refusing to Sign citation.

He was also arrested in November 1987, on assault, battery and theft charges. Two years later, he was arrested again on battery and breaking in charges. In May 1991, just before Blac Chyna’s third birthday, he was charged and convicted of petty theft.

Eric Holland has been in and out of US prison on similar charges and has racked up 17 more convictions and charged with almost 30 offences.

 He has also failed to appear in court several times, according to documents.

A source said:

Blac’s dad seem to have more skeletons in his closet than you can imagine. When Rob first got together with Blac the Kardashians were worried and questioned what kind of girl she was. You can’t judge a daughter by her father, but this isn’t good.

Blac Chyna has two half brothers and NINE half sisters from her father’s side. She is the only child on her mum side, Shalana Hunter aka Ms Tokyo.

Up until now,a little has been known about Blac Chyna family.

Source: Daily Mail.


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