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Your Owanbe Look: Aunty Ayo.

Thank God it’s Friday! The thought of owanbe makes me excited on Fridays. My adrenaline rush is just crazy. I love to attend parties whether as a bonafide invitee or mogbomoya.

It takes a lot to prepare for any occasion especially if asoebi is involved. The trips to the tailor or designer shop, deciding on style, taking measurements, haggling price, deciding on the pick-up date and mostly importantly fitting of the cloth. Deciding on which outfit to wear depends on the occasion you are attending and if asoebi is involved. Whether its low-key party or a give it all it takes kind of party, where you are to give it all your best.  I choose my style depending on how I am invited to the party.

There are certain things you need to consider when putting your owanbe look together:

The size of the party: If the party is a small size party i.e. an intimate party, there is no need going all out when deciding on the style of your outfit.

Are you a bonafide party invitee or a gatecrasher? If you are a gate crasher, please be humble in your outfit.

Be unique with your style: I know some of us will want to copy other people asoebi style, you can still add your own touch to it. Just something different. Make it unique.

Accessories your outfit correctly: Don’t go overboard with your accessory if the neckline of your outfit has its own design. Accessories can make or mar your outfit. Accessories include your neckpiece, purses or bag, rings, sunglasses, etc. 

Shoes: Always put your best foot forward. Show me your feet and I will know where you belong. Who is a shoe freak like me?

Make up: Your makeup is one of the first things people will notice on you. If you can’t afford a makeup artiste, ask a friend who is good with her makeup to assist you.

Theme: There are some party invites that comes with a theme, dress accordingly.

Don’t forget to slay…

Photo credit: Asoebi bella.


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