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Afghan Teenager Attacks And Injured 22 People On A Train.

17 years old Afghan teenager attacked passengers on a train in Germany yesterday night with an axe, leaving three people in critical condition and 19 others with minor injuries.

Officers described it as a probable Islamist attack. The young teen was identified as a 17 years old Afghan living in Ochsenfurt, Bavaria.

The attack took place as the train was traveling between stations. The train made an emergency stop just after the assailant stopped his attack and he immediately jumped off the train, police shot dead the suspect as he attempted to flee the scene.

It is quite probable that this was an Islamist attack,” said a ministry spokesman, adding that the attacker had apparently shouted “Allahu akbar” (God is greatest) as he stabbed people.

The attacker was said to have been carrying “weapons for slashing and cutting”, according to German media reports, including an axe.

The perpetrator was able to leave the train, police left in pursuit and as part of this pursuit, they shot the attacker and killed him,” said a spokesman for the Wurzburg police.

Source: CNN.


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