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Oscar Pistorius hospitalized for alleged suicide attempt.

Former Olympian, Oscar Pistorius, who was convicted of the murder of his girlfriend, was taken to the hospital for injuries on his wrist on Sunday. 

The South African star athlete is currently serving a six year jail sentence for the murder his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp back in February, 2013.

Spokesman for the prison told press, he had to be detained on Saturday at the hospital after falling off his bed. He’s back in our care now.

A security guard who works at the Kalafon hospital where he was taken told South Africa weekly city press, that the Olympian had sustained his wounds deliberately by slitting his wrist. It was revealed that ravors were found his the athlete cell after a security search on Saturday.

The guard also mentioned that the doctors attending to Oscar kept wrapping and wrapping bandages on his wrist due to the bad cut he sustained.

The warden where Oscar was housed for the remainder of his sentence said he won’t confirm the guard’s claims and dismissed them as “only speculations“.

A spokesman for the south Africa’s correctional services department, says that pistorius denied the suicide attempt and said he sustained the cuts from falling off his bed.



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