OMG!!! Monkey as ring bearer?? 

A bride named Natalie Biggins from the UK was completely shocked when she saw an unexpected guest on her wedding day. As she stood at the altar in front of family and friends, a monkey named Rosie walked straight in and hand over her precious gift to the best man, Chris Kean.

Her hubby, 30 years old Jamie Richardson, spent £2000 on the surprise just to see the look on her face.

He said:

I had been thinking for ages about what little surprises I could do for the day and I thought a monkey was perfect. “You hear about people having dogs and even owls, but you never hear of monkeys. I get far too carried away when I get an idea in my head.


p style=”orphans:2;widows:2;”>Natalie said:


p style=”orphans:2;widows:2;”>He loves surprises so I wasn’t surprised he had done something – but I didn’t think it would be a monkey. “It certainly added an extra something to the day, and I think my face in the video says it all.


p style=”orphans:2;widows:2;”>

Richardson had to get the permission from the hotel where the wedding took place and the local council before including Rosie to the list.

He added:

Loads of people had photos with the monkey and he even stole one of the prosecco ice pops. “It was absolutely brilliant.


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